Unveiling Excellence- The Top 15 Visionary Entrepreneurs Under 30

New Delhi (India), December 15: The Top 15 Visionary Entrepreneurs Under 30″ celebrating the outstanding achievements of young leaders. This program, powered by EntrepeneurStories.com, highlights the stories of these remarkable individuals, showcasing their commitment to excellence and the positive impact they’re making on a global scale.   1)”From Job Rejections to Gym Empire: Sayantan Karmakar’s Entrepreneurial Journey”  [...]

Unveiling Excellence- The Top 15 Visionary Entrepreneurs Under 30

New Delhi (India), December 15: The Top 15 Visionary Entrepreneurs Under 30″ celebrating the outstanding achievements of young leaders. This program, powered by EntrepeneurStories.com, highlights the stories of these remarkable individuals, showcasing their commitment to excellence and the positive impact they’re making on a global scale. 
 1)”From Job Rejections to Gym Empire: Sayantan Karmakar’s Entrepreneurial Journey” 

Sayantan Karmakar, initially facing job rejections, found an entrepreneurial calling. Disappointed with his programmer analyst role, he created gym management software, DigifitSoft. Despite initial struggles, he successfully sold it to 250+ gyms, later establishing The Calcutta Fitness Studio Chain of Gyms. Overcoming challenges, he now boasts six branches in Kolkata and West Bengal, with two more on the horizon, proving that hard work and determination can reshape destiny. 
 2)”Prashant Tankra: Illuminating Trust and Excellence in Gold and Diamond Jewelry”

Prashant Tankra, the epitome of trust and excellence in gold and diamond jewelry, stands as a luminary in the luxury industry. Renowned for meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to transparency, Tankra’s creations transcend adornment, becoming cherished symbols of meaningful moments. His legacy inspires both peers and aspiring artisans, solidifying his position as the most trusted jeweler, illuminating the path to unparalleled luxury.  
 3) “GetRest: Transforming Sleep with Innovation and Excellence” 

GetRest, a Raunak Group venture led by SPJIMR & Babson-Educated Entrepreneur Raghav Agarwal, offers innovative sleep solutions with a legacy spanning 30 years and 7 manufacturing facilities with 2000+ retail points. As India’s first doctor-certified orthopedic mattress brand, GetRest combines luxury and orthopedic support, supplying directly to consumers without retail markups. The group has 6 brands through which it reaches homes, the Indian Army and other government institutions. 
 4)”Exploring Excellence: The Acetios Consulting Journey with Professor Abir Baidya”

Professor Abir Baidya, founder of Acetios Consulting in India, leads the renowned brands Anywheregk.in and Pegkob.in. His MSME, GEM, IPR, and ISO certified company provides advanced courses and ITES business consulting. Explore his MBA journey and insightful case studies on YouTube @anywheregk.
 5) “Quick Relief: A Heartfelt Mission in Emergency Cardiac Care”

Quick Relief, led by Adharika Agrawal, emerged in 2021 after her father’s tragic heart attack demise. Responding to over 3000 emergencies, the service swiftly directs cardiac patients to top-tier hospitals. Adharika’s commitment garnered acclaim, earning her an Agrawal Samaj award for outstanding contributions to compassionate healthcare.

6) “Aviral Srivastava: Young Trailblazer in India’s Digital Landscape”

At just 17, Aviral Srivastava embarked on a digital journey that has now positioned him as one of India’s most iconic entrepreneurs. As the CEO and Managing Director of Adycave, a thriving Marketing and Advertising Agency, Aviral manages multiple online ventures, boasting an annual revenue exceeding 5 Crores. His innovative marketing strategies have made him one of the most successful marketers in India, aiding numerous businesses in expansion. Notably, Aviral’s commitment extends to mentoring 2500+ students, showcasing his dedication to fostering online entrepreneurship and leaving an indelible mark on the industry. 
 7) “Innovator Sanyam Radheshyam Gupta: Revolutionizing AI with RoleSpecific.AI”

Sanyam Radheshyam Gupta, leading RoleSpecific.AI, the pioneering AI Brain Creation company, earns a ’30 Under 30′ nomination. Gupta’s leadership propels RoleSpecific.AI, renowned for patented technology, to redefine AI solutions. Customized for individual professional requirements, Gupta’s innovation transforms industries’ approach to AI, marking a groundbreaking shift in technology utilization.   
 8) “Mastering Growth: Navigating Business Success Through Strategic Expertise” 

With over 15 years of expertise in Digital Marketing, PR, and Business Development, I excel in driving business success through innovative strategies. A pioneer in SEO and social media campaigns, I’ve consistently surpassed industry benchmarks. My strength lies in crafting compelling brand narratives, leading impactful PR initiatives, and fostering strategic partnerships for sustained growth. Let’s connect to explore how my diverse experience can elevate your business to its fullest potential. 
 9) “LearnningTree: Globally Recognized Excellence in Language Education”

LearnningTree, a prestigious online language institute, excels in IELTS, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Arabic, and Japanese courses. Globally renowned, they’ve guided 2000+ students, gaining acclaim in India, Germany, and France for unwavering commitment to quality education. 

10) “Heaven Herbs: A Herbal Revolution for Sustainable Living in India” 

Heaven Herbs, founded by Rajan Richi Kalia and Hardik Patel, is a key player in India’s 2023 economic boom. Rooted in Himachal Pradesh, they offer chemical-free products, including Neem Wood Combs infused with a 1500-year-old Ayurvedic Gold Serum. Sourcing sustainably from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, their range spans premium seeds, Lotas Flower Products, and more, embodying a commitment to sustainability and social activism through God’s Army, leaving a lasting mark on the Indian market. 
 11) “Stockstar Consultancy : Your Trusted Guide to Equity Market Success”

Stockstar Consultancy, under Upendra Gadiya’s leadership, excels in investment advisory and equity research. Prioritizing client’s capital protection and wealth creation, their data-backed fundamental research identifies hidden gems with strong and clean management . Committed to unbiased advice, Stockstar is a trusted guide for those seeking financial success. Connect at

12) “Richi Shukla’s Eventful Transition: From Cricket Star to Master Event Curator”

Former cricket sensation Richi Shukla has seamlessly shifted gears, venturing into event management with the Founder of Team Curators just a year ago. Harnessing the work ethic ingrained during his cricketing days, Shukla has orchestrated over 100 successful events, including international spectacles. His adaptability and unwavering dedication spotlight a smooth transition from sports to event management. Richi’s foray into this industry is defined by resounding success and an unyielding commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences for all attendees. 
 13) Sameer Ahmed: A Trailblazer in Event Management

At 23, Sameer Ahmed stands as a stalwart in Madhya Pradesh’s event industry. His founding of Team Curators and the launch of Jashn ae Fankaari, an artist support platform, showcase his prowess. With a portfolio of over 300 events, including international ones, Sameer’s impact transcends borders. His enduring dedication solidifies him as a seasoned professional, earning recognition as a distinguished personality. Sameer Ahmed’s journey epitomizes not just success but a passion that shapes the dynamic landscape of event management. 
 14) “From Startup to Success: Smitesh More’s Journey to Top 20 in India” 
 Smitesh More, a visionary entrepreneur, has steered his company from its humble beginnings to a remarkable turnover of over 15 crores. His leadership prowess has not only yielded financial success but also earned his venture a coveted spot among India’s top 20 growing startups in 2021. More’s strategic acumen and dedication have propelled the company to unprecedented heights, solidifying its position as a key player in the competitive business landscape. His journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and steadfast determination in the realm of entrepreneurship. 
 15) “From Dreams to Summit: Nihshank’s Odyssey of Brilliance and Benevolence”

Nihshank, the visionary architect of dreams, transcends brilliance as a mentor to legal startups, sculpting their sincere brand identities. Renowned for orchestrating the National Legal Summit, he emerges from Howrah’s streets to a preeminent edutainment creator. A national prodigy, Nihshank’s ascent in the 30 Under 30 echelons is a testament to relentless dedication. Beyond his professional prowess, he stands as a compassionate philanthropist, championing charitable causes for flood and train accident survivors. His multifaceted journey, encompassing poetry and philanthropy, epitomizes a wunderkind’s tale of hard work and dedication. 

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